This summer, The Top 1 Ack Attack Streamliner Motorcycle, the official world’s fastest motorcycle, will compete to defend their land speed record title and attempt to top their current speed record of 376.363 mph. Part of the mechanics involved in helping to push that boundary, is a Motion Systems Corporation 1,000-pound-rated Model 85199 Ball Drive actuator.

The Top 1 Ack Attack team will compete at the world famous Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials, AMA Land Speed Grand Championship, in Utah on August 29 to September 3, 2015. Mike Akatiff, the engineer who built the Ack Attack, and his crew are excited to get back out on the Bonneville Salt Flats to be the first motorcycle to break the 400 mph speed barrier.

The streamliner motorcycle is powered by two turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa engines, which generate a thousand horsepower, and Mickey Thompson LSR tires. Motion Systems’ ball drive actuators are used to deploy and retract “training wheels” for the start and end of the record setting runs and rear stabilizing flaps to provide safety during the coast down period at the end of the run.

When it comes to driving speeds that nearly break the odometer at 400 mph, there’s no room for error and safety is a top priority. Long-life and problem-free parts are not only a requirement, but also a necessity.

“Our ball drive actuators are used in the Ack Attack Streamliner Motorcycle due to the advancement speeds and the custom stroke, which is available in all Motion Systems’ actuators,” said Erik Wolf, president, Motion Systems Corporation. “We are proud to have the opportunity to be on board with the Ack Attack team since they broke the first motorcycle land speed record in 2006 up till the present. We wish the team a safe and memorable competition.”

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