Innovative Technology Liberates the Wheelchair-Bound


With the Aid of a Ball Drive Actuator, the New LiftWalker Allows Freedom of Movement

The 2015 LiftWalker, developed by the medical manufacturer Ideomotion, LLC, utilizes a Motion Systems Corporation ball drive actuator to give the wheelchair-bound untapped mobility and freedom. Motion Systems manufactures the industry’s largest selection of electromechanical linear actuators custom made and fit to a wide array of industries, including medical devices. Ideomotion develops products to help people who are wheelchair-bound as well as people who just need assistance in walking. They believe that people in wheelchairs might have a chance to learn to walk if they could get up to a standing position both comfortably and safely. It is Ideomotion CEO Charlie Gutierrez’s dream, with the help of innovative technology, to make the wheelchair obsolete.

However, in order for his dream to be a reality, such a device would not only need to be simple and easy-to-use, but have long-life and problem-free performance. 

Incongruous as it may seem, with the aid of a Motion System Corporation’s state-of-the- art, 1,000-pound-rated Model 85199 Ball Drive actuator, Ideomotion was able to upgrade and revamp their original LiftWalker to assist people who require help with motion and balance. The first version of the LiftWalker was developed in 2005.

“The ball drive actuator is used due to the advancement speeds and its custom stroke,” said Erik Wolf, president, Motion Systems Corporation. “With the Ideomotion walker, the actuator provides the mechanical muscle to help a wheelchair-bound person ‘stand-up’ and ‘walk’ allowing freedom of movement and safe, productive time on the person’s feet.”

The New LiftWalker has a patented design, which makes it easier and safer to assist patients into an upright position. Patients use biceps, chest, back, stomach, and leg muscles all at once, providing multiple times the strength. This is safer than being pulled by an attendant or caregiver, reducing their risk to injury. The LiftWalker has a 300-pound weight capacity.

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