Customized Linear Actuator Gives Motion to Premiere Firefighting Water Buckets


Motion Systems Corporation Collaborates with Aerial Fire Control to Enhance The Water Hog 

Motion Systems Corporation is proud to announce its continued partnership with the Australian based company, Aerial Fire Control (AFC), to enhance the world-class, lightweight Water Hog helicopter firefighting bucket. 

The Water Hog is a specialized bucket suspended on a cable carried by firefighting helicopters to deliver water for aerial firefighting. Motion Systems worked closely with AFC to customize The Motion 85199 Linear Actuator for use in the Water Hog. Equipped with this specially customized actuator, the Water Hog can dip-fill from large bodies of water, lifting loads up to 52,000 pounds. Designed specifically for the harshest of environments, the Water Hog buckets are capable of holding between 400 liters/105 gallons to over 20,000 liters/5,000 gallons of water without spinning.

All AFC helicopter firefighting buckets are the only freestanding capable buckets.  They can be landed at full capacity for tanker support of ground crews.  

“It has always been our mission to create new and innovative solutions for today's marketplace, and that’s why we are excited about our continued relationship with Aerial Fire Control, “ said Erik Wolf, President, Motion Systems Corporation. “By taking advantage of our ability to customize the model 85199 linear actuator, AFC has been able to excel at meeting the ever-changing requirements for their clients - making them the world’s first choice in helicopter carried fire equipment.”

Motion Systems manufactures the industry’s largest selection of electromechanical linear actuators custom made and fit to a wide array of industries. Some examples include, medical equipment (hospital beds, dental chairs, wheel chairs), commercial and consumer applications (computer workstations, sporting equipment and motion picture production) and military use (robotics, deployment hooks and tank targets). Motion Systems has also worked with NASA and their test vehicles for lunar rovers, made actuators for the spray nozzles in the FDNY fire trucks during 9/11, and most recently, they are setting the parameters for major automobile racing.